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Classroom Training

The classroom training means the courses can be prepared to fix any individual issues using real life examples and therefore have the most effect.

During the classroom training, delegates will be able to work on examples of work which relates to their own roles.

Having a classroom full of delegates from different departments and levels can encourage team work. You will definitely have a fantastic result as most often, learning is done when ideas are being bounced off each other.

Classroom training will also likely lead to increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles as well as staff morale.

Running an classroom training will certainly be a more focused training. Classroom training allows you to learn your lessons in a comfortable environment but it involves watching a series of videos, presentations, reading articles which demands an enormous amount of self-discipline and focus.

Online Training

By studying online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs.

Online training enables employees to learn when they want and where they want.

Taking an online course also means that you don’t have to commute to class, which means less time spent on the bus and more study time sitting on your couch, the sound of a crackling fireplace in the background.

You no longer have to worry about driving in the snowstorm and missing an important class!

Also known as computer based training (CBT), distance learning, or e-learning, online training is a form of instruction that takes place completely on the internet.

Online training is generally self-paced and customizable to suit an individual’s specific learning needs.

Placement Service

The term placement refers to the assigning of a worker to the job for which he is judged best fitted.

After Successfull Completion Of The Course we absorb all students in production house for placement.

It is our responsibility to provide 100% job assistance to all our students.

All students are provided call for interviews unless and untill they properly placed.

With growing demand for animation, VFX & Game Development we are giving so many opportunities daily to all students.


Our public seminars cover all areas of topics and open debates on a range of issues.

We try to keep the programme topical and interesting and generate well informed and lively discussion between the speaker and public seminars audience.

We have broad discussions with high profile speakers as well as exploring more technical issues.

We aim to keep the public seminars stimulating enough to engage feedbacks beyond the room.

We are known for the interesting public seminars we hold, where the audience not only learns and acquires knowledge but also enjoy and appreciate the used methods, where refreshments are always available before and after the event.

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